Sales depends heavily on Marketing to get Intelligence on their focused accounts to close business with agility

We undertake deep research activities in the focused Target Accounts/Target Market to get you visibility in their current Infrastructure, Process, challenges, organization structure, Budgets, Roadmap etc. which can help you know your prospects better before reaching to them. You can drive more strategic campaigns with specific messaging and understand the competition landscape.

How does

this process work?

We understand our client's target market and product information thoroughly that helps us define our ideal customer/prospect.
We carry out primary level profiling based on company turnover, business verticals, etc.
We understand the company hierarchy and key decision-makers and identify their contact information along with any other relevant information
We use digital surveys and traditional methods to source information from multiple stakeholders.
We undertake deep level profiling that mines out key company information like technical details, current vendors, glitches in the existing implementation plan, etc.
We then develop a comprehensive, well defined, highly focused database that meets the client's target focused accounts.
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