Live webinars help deliver thought leadership content with less cost and generate leads.

Webinars have risen over the years in terms of effectiveness of content assets for driving good quality leads. This is the highest increase by any content asset, and is the highest of the digital assets. Combining this with the fact that 67% of businesses journeys are now completed online shows that webinars are paving the way and our team here at Mercadeo have selected example company name to join us on this new journey.

Benefits for executing Webinar are as follows:


We guarantee new leads:

We guarantee a minimum of 50 new leads from your target audience, with fully compliant contact information to add to your pipeline. They are captured from our database which is made up of C-Level, Directors and VPs


Targeted Promotion:

Industry specific, expertly targeted promotion of your webinar to the audience you desire to add to your sales pipeline


Educate the Marketplace With Thought Leadership:

Become a luminary in the industry, by initiating discussion amongst your peers, as well as sharing your knowledge, innovation and solutions.


Brand Exposure:

Generate interest around your brand with those who have a desire to know about your solutions, through the very nature of them registering.


Measurable Results:

Receive detailed analytics of your webinars performance; the number of registrants, conversion rates, engagement rates, registrant rates and more.

Webinar/ Virtual Event Format

Option 1: The Fiery Chat: tackling a burning IT issue

Option 2: Deep Dive: a focused exploration of a critical trend

Option 3: The DataPoint: sharing research

Option 4: Practitioner’s View: a customer case study

Option 5: The Demo: a product-specific address

Option 6: Straight Talk Panel: one issue & multiple perspectives

Option 7: The Keynote: building a strategic outlook

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